Coming of Age Retreat

The Coming of Age Retreat

For girls ages 10-14

March 11-12, 2017.  Starts at 9am on Saturday and ends Sunday at 3pm

Book Online  Fee:  $50.00 per child. *

Our spirituality gives us comfort, adds meaning, and provides direction when moving through transitions in life. Pre-teen and early teen years mark the first step in the transition from child to adult. Like all transitions in life, this journey can be confusing – and also transformative. It is the beginning of embracing and exploring our spiritual self. Just as we nourish the body and the mind during these fast-paced years, so can we nourish our spirituality. Spiritual mentors and activities are vital during these years to help teens towards a better understanding of and a deeper connection with their own spiritual self — a self that ultimately leads us home, where we are deeply connected and at peace with all beings. Through sharing and deep listening, hands-on activities, and discussion, retreat participants will explore their own spiritual selves as a place of refuge, comfort, joy and connectedness. I take refuge in the Buddha I take refuge in the Dharma I take refuge in the Sangha


Autumn Woodward has studied cultivation of happiness in Bhutan and France, directed a massage therapy program, and loves bugs and gardening. She is interested in regenerative design and experimental social change. Autumn specializes in massage for children and families in Asheville, NC.

Rev Teijo Munnich is a Dharma Heir of Dainin Katagiri Roshi and a certified Soto Zen Priest. She received formal training at Hokyoji in Minnesota, Tassajara Zen Mountain Center in California, and Hosshinji Sodo in Japan. She is the current abbess of Great Tree Zen Women’s Temple as a residential practice center for women in western North Carolina. She also serves as teacher for the Zen Center of Asheville and the Charlotte Zen Meditation Society.


* Great Tree will turn no child away for inability to pay.  Please inquire if you need a scholarship.

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