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Dana Practice is a Path to and Expression of the Realization of Inter-Connectedness.
This Essential Gift from the Heart is Essential to the Practice of Compassion, Empathy and Kindness.

The Practice of Dana at Great Tree

In Buddhism, when Zen Practitoners share their understanding of the teachings and practice, it is offered freely as a practice of dana paramita. Dana is a Pali word that means 'generosity' or 'to give freely'. This practice is done without expectation of getting something in return. This is the spirit of speaking about the Dharma. The custom of dana – translated as generosity – is at the heart and core to Buddhist practice.


A key element of Buddhist practice is giving support for the Dharma (teachings and the pursuit of Truth). Giving considered a privilege and a kindness and an opportunity to share in the spiritual practice and the commitment of those who devote their lives fully to the Dharma. Other ways to practice dana is to offer support to those who share the teachings, to support place of spiritual practice and to give without expectations or judgement when those opportunities arise.


Teachers who lead activities at Great Tree offer their services on a dana basis, as a gift. Please support their practice by giving what you can.


Great Tree is supported entirely by donations from members of our community. Your generosity helps to maintain our buildings and grounds, pays for utilities and make our practice and programs possible.


Your sustaining gifts make it possible for us to keep cost of our programs within reach of most who wish to participate and provides scholarships to those in need.


“Kindness in words, creates confidence. Kindness in thought is mindfulness. Kindness in giving  is dana."

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Great Tree Flourishes with Your Help
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You may  securely make a single gift or set up a monthly pledge here. 


If you wish to dedicate your dana  to our Teacher-Residents Fund, please let us know your intention at the bottom of the form.


We also  collect funds to support guest teachers, outreach programs, and others, as well as for everyday operations.  Please share your intent.


Thank you!


Please email us if you need assistance.



Thank you!

Deep Appreciation

   - Katagiri,  Roshi

Planned Giving

Making a planned gift is a wonderful way to leave a legacy for Great Tree. Your gift can be arranged to meet your financial and estate planning goals and will provide lasting support, making the dharma available for generations to come. You may choose to designate your gift toward a specific project or purpose or leave it unrestricted so that Great Tree might apply it toward areas of greatest need.

Different from discretionary income donations, planned giving is a way to express generosity and receive the joy of making a difference by supporting Great Tree now and in the future. Reflecting on your priorities, and some overall financial and estate planning, enables you to leave a legacy that will help the dharma to flourish. Such planning gives you the confidence that the Dharma will be cared for well into the future, helping to build a sustainable community, and the satisfaction of upholding the practice, the teachings and residents.

Charitable income and estate tax deductions may also provide means of maximizing your ability to support the dharma and other commitments. Redirecting all or a portion of your estate that would otherwise go to taxes enables you to make a larger gift than might otherwise be possible, while still providing for your family.  Great Tree also benefits from a reliable source of income. Most importantly, those who “journey to the temple” in search of solace benefit from our array of practices, programs and teachings.

Your legacy gift to support Great Tree Zen Women’s Temple can be arranged through the Community Foundation of Western North Carolina who provides estate planning and hosts our Great Tree Dana Fund. If you would like to include Great Tree Zen Women’s Temple in your estate planning, or if you have already done so, please contact our office manager at:


We gratefully acknowledge those helping to ensure our sustainability for coming generations by including Great Tree Zen Women’s Temple in their estate plans.


Great Tree Zen Women’s Temple is a 501(C)3 religious organization registered with

the State of North Carolina and donations are tax deductible as defined by law. 

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