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About Our Special Retreats and Workshops

Great Tree offers a wide range of retreats and workshops including:

  • Beginners classes: Introduction to Zen

  • Zaazenkai or Days of Mindfulness and Practice Days

  • Programs exploring the connections between practice and creativity; writing, ikebana, art and craft

  • Retreats to deepen body awareness

  • Retreats exclusively for women, men, families and children

  • Student group visits


Our annual retreat schedule is intended  to widen understanding of practice, provide opportunities to engage in activities at the temple. Most special retreats and classes are led by guest teachers who are not paid for their services but receive contributions (dana) only for sharing their wisdom and guidance.

What to expect at a Great Tree Retreat

Programs led by guest teachers may have unique schedule and content.

  • The program may include zazen (sitting meditation), kinhin (walking meditation), or body awareness practice and informal meals at the facilitator’s discretion. Tea and snacks are available.

  • We ask that you bring slippers or wear socks, leave your shoes at the door. Extra slippers are available.

  • You may be asked to bring your own materials or equipment for art, writing or bodywork retreats/workshops.

  • Meals are vegetarian or  vegan. If you have special dietary needs or allergies please advise us during the registration process.

  • Participants are asked to share kitchen duties, cooking and genereal clean-up of the facility.

  • We ask that everyone arrive timely and begin the workshop/retreat together.

  • Most events begin in the evening; please arrive 1 hour before orientation.

  • Please be aware that parking can be a challenge; call for instructions in wet or icy weather.

  • Men and women are housed separately. All accomodations are shared. We do not have private rooms or accomodations for couples.


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