Short-term Residency

Great Tree offers short-term residency to women only. Residency at Great Tree means participating fully in our daily schedule which includes meditation, work practice and study.  Participation in all sesshins during one’s term of residency is a requirement. Residencies begin with the first sesshin of a 3-month practice period. In order to qualify candidates for residency must attend at least 1 Great Tree sesshin prior to being accepted. Residents must provide their own health insurance, transportation to and from Great Tree and cover their own personal expenses.

Steps for applying for short-term residency:

  1.  Contact Great Tree with your request including the dates you want to attend.

  2.   Complete a residency application which will be sent to you upon request.

  3.  Interview by phone with the abbess

  4.  Attend a Great Tree sesshin prior to your term of residency


For further information contact Chimyo stating your intention and giving some description your practice experience.

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Our mission is to create community, a sangha, based on teachings of Dogen Zenji in the Soto Zen tradition of Buddhism, and which serves all whose path brings them to Great Tree.

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