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Zen Practice

There are a variety of ways to practice at Great Tree. We offer a weekly sitting schedule, monthly sesshins and family meditation gatherings and other ongoing programs.  All practice activities are lead by Rev. Munnich, her students or guest teachers. See our calendar for dates and times, and register online.


A sesshin (Japanese for “collecting the heart-mind”) is an intensive meditation retreat. A sesshin typically lasts from two to seven days. During sesshin,  most of the time is devoted to meditation, and distraction is reduced.  

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Practice Periods

A 3-month practice period at Great Tree is a time to renew one’s commitment to personal and sangha meditation practice.

To join the practice period you must contact Rev. Munnich and set up a time for dokusan (teacher-student interview) during which you will discuss the activities you will commit to attending during the period.

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Family and Youth

Family Meditation includes a short period of meditation and Dharma teaching followed by activities for both adults and children.

Annual Summer Youth Retreat for young people ages 7-14. Activities include short meditation, chanting, study and learning to work together.

Mother & Child Retreat (Winter) is an overnight retreat at Great Tree for mothers and their children. 

Special Events For Everyone! These include ceremonies, gatherings and celebrations, day long retreats. 

Short-Term Residency

Great Tree at times offers short-term residency to women only.  Residency at Great Tree means participating fully in our daily schedule which includes meditation, work practice and study. 

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