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Dana is a Pali word that means 'generosity' or 'to give freely,' and this practice is done without expectation of receiving something in return. Dana practice is not just an act of giving, but a path towards realizing our interconnectedness with others.

Dana Practice at Great Tree

In Buddhism, when Zen practitioners share their understanding of the teachings and practice, it is offered freely as a practice of dana paramita. Dana, a Pali word meaning 'generosity' or 'to give freely,' is central to Buddhist practice and involves giving without expectation of receiving something in return. 


There are different ways to practice dana, including offering support to those who share the teachings, supporting places of spiritual practice, and giving generously without expectation or judgment when opportunities arise. Dana is essential for maintaining our practice community. 

Ways to practice Dana at Great Tree:

Sustaining and recurring gifts provide support that helps maintain facilities, gardens and grounds, and digital infrastructure. 


Planned giving and legacy gifts are also ways to support Great Tree's future. You can make a lasting impact by including Great Tree in your will, trust, or beneficiary designation.

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