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Staying at Great Treee

About your stay...

ARRIVAL: Arrive at temple by 4 pm for all retreats & other overnight events.

If you have a cannot arrive by this time,  please let us know by using the contact form below or by leaving a message at 828-645-2085.



Sleeping arrangements dormitory style.

Women and men are housed separately.

We have no accommodations for couples and no private rooms.


Dormitories have single bunk beds, futons, or mattress sets. Please bring your own bed linens, towels, pillows and toiletries. If you are traveling from afar there are linens and towels available.


There are three bathrooms in the main building, one on each floor. Our water is sourced from a well and is filtered. Please mark your toiletries and remember to take them home at the end of the retreat.

 Please bring a flashlight in case you need to be up after lights are out at 10pm. There are stairs and steps to navigate throughout the building.  If you need special accommodation due to disability, please let us know.


 Smoking and alcohol are not permitted at Great Tree.


Sharing the Space

MEALS:  Vegetarian or vegan meals are served. Please email with any allergies or special dietary needs so that adjustments can be made to our menu.

Before you arrive, please watch our Oryoki video for instructions on how we eat meals together.


CLOTHING: Wear clothing that is without graphics, dark or quiet colors and clothing that is comfortable to you for the practice of zazen (sitting). Do not wear shorts or sleeveless shirts. You can expect cool nights in the mountains, except in July-August. The buildings do not have A/C. Please avoid perfumes and scented soaps. We also ask you not wear jewelry or items that would create noise or distract others during meditation.


If you have orthopedic difficulties please bring seperate indoor shoes or slippers as shoes or sandals are not worn in any part of the Great Tree Buildings.  Bring warm socks or soft slippers for walking inside the house.  Bring an umbrella and appropriate outdoor wear for cool, wet mountain weather. We have a fire-place in the community room.


In the Zendo

Our zendo (meditation hall) is furnished with zafu and zabuton (sitting cushions). Folding chairs and benches are also available, use whichever is most comfortable for you.

Incense is usually burned during zazen. Please let us know if you have problems with burning incense and we will make necessary adjustments during your stay. 

SILENCE: Please plan on checking your devices at the door during sesshins and other retreats. There will be a brief, daily device check in time.  If you need to make an urgent call please do away from other participants and activities. Please plan to maintain silence and a quiet demeanor during sesshins and retreats. 




FOUR LEGGED FRIENDS: We have a resident dog, Stella.  Please let us know if you would like to bring your dog by emailing daijuteijo@gmail.comDogs are not allowed in food prep areas.  If you have allergies to dogs please let us know.

EMERGENCIES: Please print and fill out the personal information form and bring it with you. Upon your arrival please give us this information sheet. 

If you become ill while you are here please wear a mask to protect others.

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Parking & Travel

TRAVEL: We are about 45 minutes from the Asheville airport. Please contact us, in the event there are others who might share travel to Great Tree.

PARKING:  Parking is limited at the top, but can be used for unloading and for those with mobility issues.  


After unloading, please park your car in the small, grassy parking lot below. 

If you are uncertain about parking or need help or directions, do not hesitate to contact us.


Please register here for all events both online and in-person.  

Please do not let money keep you from participating. Register now and offer what you can in the spirit of dana paramita (the practice of generosity).

While registering you are asked to make a payment via PayPal, or you can complete booking in "Offline Payment" and offer what you can by check, cash or by sharing your time and skills with us.


We request that all payments and balances be paid by the start of the event (please call to make arrangements if this is not possible). Please notify us if you wish to make alternative offerings, or if you need help with registration.


Great Tree does not have the capacity to accept payment by credit card on site.


On site payments must be made by check, made out to Great Tree Zen Temple.

You may also register by mail using this form.

Events on-line may also be found here. Registration is not required, but DANA for guest teachers, residents and/or Great Tree is appreciated. Visit our GIVING page for more information.

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