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 "…a practice period is the skin, flesh, bones and marrow, as well as the mind, consciousness, and body of the buddha ancestors. Practice period is the top of the head, the eye of the fist, the nostrils, and the buddha-nature circle drawn in the air, as well as the whisk, the wooden staff, the bamboo stick, and the sitting mat of buddha ancestors. Practice period is neither creating something new nor reusing something old."


             Dogen, Treasury of the True Dharma Eye

Practice Periods
In person or on Zoom

Great Tree Zen Women's Temple offers 2-3-month Practice Periods in spring and fall. 2-3 month Practice Period is an opportunity to renew and deepen one's commitment to spiritual practice. 

Throughout the Practice Period, all participants are required to attend Thursday evening zazen and study group, as well as make a personal commitment to engage in as many scheduled activities as possible, either at Great Tree or their local sitting group. Participants are strongly encouraged to attend one or more sesshins during the Practice Period.

Anyone can sign up to participate by sending an email to expressing:

  1. Personal intention, which includes what you plan to focus on during the Practice Period.

  2. Additional weekly Sangha activities you wish to commit to, such as Saturday Practice, morning zazen (zoom only)...

  3. Participants are also encouraged to commit to monthly full moon gatherings and sesshins. 

Practice Period begins with Opening Tea at 7:30pm on the first Thursday evening.


For more information contact

Spring Practice Period April 4th-June 13th


6:00 - 7:30pm EST zazen

7:30- 9pm EST study group

All participants asked to:

  • Attend Opening Tea on April 4th

  • Make a personal practice commitment

  • Commit  to weekly meditation & study group

  • Attend Closing Tea date June 13th

  • Attend sesshin and sesshins throughout

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