Paperleaf Press

Paperleaf Press is GTZWT's print and publishing effort, sharing the collective talents

from our community to entertain, educate and inform. 

Speaking of Mountains & Clouds

GTZWT's very first collection of poetry and prose from the Great Tree community. This is a slice of history--created in 2012 to support GTZT Priest Training Fund's first recipient, Rev. Chimyo Atkinson.  Poetry by Peggy Millin, Dale Neal, Phillip Toy and images by Ruth S. Kah and Brook Reynolds. Limited availability.         $10.00

Dissolving Polarities

This chapbook, created in 2018 marked the celebration of Great Tree's 7th Annual Poetry & Pie. this issue includes work by Murphy Funkhouser Capps, J.A. Harnett-Hargrove, Jennie Uman Neighbors, Tracey Schmidt, Katherine Soniat and Joan Speight among others.                                                                    $10.00

Dissolving Polarities, Folio Press, Alexander NC, 2019
Poieses: Inspiration in Words & Music

GTZWT's Poieses: Inspiration in Word and Music performed in 2014. Includes work of Kimberly Childs, Randal Daigu Pride, Judith Toy, Priscilla Yokote and Jeff Davis among others.                                          $10.00

Poetry & Pie Bundle -3 Chapbooks + Pie

2020 Poetry and Pie ZOOM Poetry/Virtual Pie

Poetry and Pie until Covid19,  included music, poetry,  and a slice of pie. Guests could purchase baked goods to take home and enjoy.


This year we sent out recipe cards, with poem on reverse to participants who donated during the ZOOM event. Cherry Apple, Winter Squash, Fig Bars, Savory Pie, Cocoanut Chocolate Cream, and Gingery Apple Pie.               Collect all 6 - Suggested donation      $15.


Order 3 chapbooks, and we will include  all 6 recipe cards.  Suggested donation           $40.


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The primary purpose of Great Tree Temple is to provide opportunities to enter more deeply into the practice of self-reflection in order to learn to live in peace and harmony with all beings.


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