Jukai: Receiving the Precepts

Every two years Rev. Munnich offers the Precepts to members of the Sangha during a ceremony in April of that year. In preparation for receiving the precepts participants must complete a rakusu (a small Buddha robe) which will be presented to them along with lineage papers during the April ceremony. The Rakusu Sewing retreat is usually scheduled in January, is mandatory for those taking the precepts in April, and offers instruction in the construction of a rakusu.

If you are interested in receiving the precepts and sewing a rakusu in contact Rev. Munnich before the next sewing retreat to state your intention.

If you are unable to pay the full fee for a sesshin or a practice event,  please use the CONNECT form above and use REGISTRAR in the notes. 


No one will be turned away due to inability to pay but we do ask that you consider a donation of as much as you can afford to help us continue offering this program to everyone.

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