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New! Zen Teachings in Challenging Times

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Twenty-five leading American teachers of Soto Zen Buddhism speak to all who have suffered and sought spiritual guidance, revealing personal stories of sickness, death, political anger, fear, jealousy, environmental corruption, disillusionment, and longing for peace.

They offer insight to how to stand with poise through the woes of existence and emerge transformed by our suffering. The transformative nature of Zen practice gives strength to face all possibilities. The entire book wears the mantle of Kanzeon, the goddess of mercy, the one who hears the cries of suffering and offers the loving hand of compassion to all living beings. Temple Ground Press, 2018.

Patricia Dai-en Bennage, Abbess Emerita, Mt. Equity Zendo, Jihoji, formerly in Muncy, Pennsylvania. She trained in Japan until 1989, and returned to the US to pioneer Mt. Equity Zendo.

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