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Haiku Morsels

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Haiku Morsels a complete set. Can be shared individually as gifts. Sold as a set.

  • Full set of 6 folding accordion books
  • Hand made ~ 3.25" by 4" panels
  • Display in home or office ~ accessible art
  • 20 poems in each book ~120 poems total
  • Haiku poetry with original fine art covers

In 2016, the author, Steve Titterud, wrote a haiku and sent it to a friend. The friend answered in haiku. The author responded back in haiku. The friend again wrote a responsive haiku. This 'call and response' dialogue in haiku has continued on nearly a daily basis to the present time of late 2020. The author found a voice he did not know he had through this extended dialogue, restricted exclusively to poetic form over several years. This collection is in part excerpts from that dialogue. He feels his poetry expresses compassion, small but significant truths, and a touch of humor.

The artist

Kevan Willington is a fine artist with a studio in Minneapolis. His unique use of color is mesmerizing. He describes his work as "a balance between the known and the unknown.", bridging "the gap between the physical and metaphysical."

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