Practice Support Fund

♦ Growing Great Tree through Education and Dharma Study ♦

Support for Zen Study & Practice

Youth meditation at GTZTThe Great Tree Practice Support Fund is intended  for the ongoing support of education, training and continuing practice at Great Tree.

These funds will be set aside and drawn on as need arises, to be administered by resident Abbess.

We have long recognized the value of providing scholarships or Eiheijii-Temple of Eternal Peacegrant assistance to encourage and deepen practice for our sangha members.  The time is right to establish this fund to help residents, lay students and priests continue the spiritual and practical knowledge needed to keep Great Tree viable and strong.


One of the first projects funded by this Practice Support Fund was the completion of Chimyo’s priest certification in Japan in the summer of 2016.  Your contributions helped to pay the airfiare to Japan and for the zuise ceremonies she performed at Eiheiji and Sojiji temples an important development for both the priest and the temple.

In addition the fund helps to cover travel expenses incurred by the abbess and Great Tree priest to give out-of-town lectures and attend clerical conferences and additional training.

Mrs. Katagiri assisting sewing preparations for jukai.

The practice support fund also helps cover the costs for lay students who are unable to pay full fees for practice events such as sesshins and zen workshops in keeping with our vow to provide access to the dharma teachings for all.

Click any DONATE button on this site.  If you need more information or wish to donate in other ways, please contact us by phone or email.   Please send checks or correspondence to:

  • Great Tree Zen Temple Practice Support
  • 679 Lower Flat Creek Road
  • Alexander, NC   28701

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