Dana ~ Generosity

Dana Bowl

The Practice of Dana at Great Tree


A key element of Buddhist practice is giving support for the Dharma (teachings and the pursuit of Truth).

Giving considered a privilege and a kindness and an opportunity to share in the spiritual practice and the commitment of those who devote their lives fully to the Dharma.  Teachers who lead activities at Great Tree offer their services on a dana basis, as a gift.

This is why we ask that you show your appreciation for their wisdom and good works at the end of each retreat or workshop by leaving a donation of any amount for the instructor.

Great Tree is supported entirely by donations from members of our community.   Your generosity helps to maintain our buildings and grounds, pays for utilities and other ongoing expenses, furnishes our meditation space and guest housing, buys incense, candles, paper, seeds for the kitchen garden– all of these things that make our practice and programs possible.  Your sustaining gifts  make it possible for us to keep cost of our programs within reach of most who wish to participate and provides scholarships to those in need.


To make a one-time gift or set up a monthly pledge, please use the DONATE button in the right side-bar on this or any page. Thank you!


“Kindness in words, creates confidence. Kindness in thought is mindfulness. Kindness in giving  is dana.”

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