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Community Wellbeing

Covid Guidelines for In-Person Events 

January, 2022

Great Tree is committed to providing everyone with a positive experience of learning and practice in a safe environment. As we reopen for in-person services & events, we are fulfilling our mission in a manner that makes the safety and well-being of students, instructors, guests, visitors, and staff our highest priority.

 If you become sick while you are here,  we cannot provide quarantine. If you are sick or experiencing symptoms of illness, please do not come to Great Tree.  Any fees paid will be refunded if you are unable to attend an event or you may attend via Zoom when that option is available.

Vaccination status must be verified:

  • All visitors must be fully vaccinated, with an up-to-date COVID booster. 

  • Documentation of your covid vaccination record must be provided via email or text prior to arrival at least three days or upon arrival for day visits.  You may send a screenshot or scan of your CDC card, or official online/electronic record.


If you have had COVID in the past you must be outside of your isolation period.  You must still show proof of vaccination to visit. 


For more information on common COVID symptoms, see the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website

COVID Testing


Visitors must provide proof of a negative COVID home test taken within 48 hours of arrival at Great Tree.  You may submit documentation of a laboratory test result.  Please check with your provider.  Please make your best effort to avoid exposure following your covid test.  While travelling or entering public areas such as airports please be sure to wear a N95/KN95/KF94 mask. 

Masking and Social Distancing


While at Great Tree, masking is optional and social distancing is maintained as much as possible. For those unable to comply with these guidelines, most of Great Tree’s events are accessible on Zoom.

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