Summer Youth Retreat – July

 Youth Retreat

July 13-14, 2019

Starts Saturday at 9:00 am and ends Sunday at 4:00 pm.  This retreat involves and overnight stay.  If your child wishes to commute please consult with Rev. Munnich.

Ages 7 to 17.
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The Annual Youth Retreat includes meditation, chanting, study and working together.  Young people will have opportunities to learn how to participate in and ring bells for services and other gentle forms of Zen practice.  Arts & crafts activities, outdoor games, walks and fun!

In 2010, Drew & Chloe, attended our retreat:

ryokankids“This year’s Children’s Retreat was inspiring. We found by learning the basics of Buddha, Dharma, and Sangha that this is so much more to learn. All the kids participated in zazen, making a Dharma wheel, and working in clay. Our meals were eaten with chopsticks and we shared in the clean up . . . In the Zendo the group did a relaxation meditation and we all fell asleep. But other times we sat for as long as 30 minutes!…Teijo planned  a closing ceremony and we  worked hard to learn the complicated steps.  We banged a big bell and helped with the reading.

All together, we did it!

Suggested Dana $75.00  for the first child: $25.00 for each additional child. If you have more than three children who would like to participate please inquire about the fees at 828-645-2085.  We want to make sure that all who want to participate will have the opportunity.

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