Imagine – Great Tree’s Future

DSC00760Building and Sustaining  a Practice Community at Great Tree

The custom of dana–translated as generosity–is at the heart and core to Buddhist practice. Dana is considered to be the first of the six perfections of ethical practice.  It is the heart-opening gateway to the five other practices, one that diminishes the acquisitive impulse – greed,  deepening liberation from the clinging that causes mental suffering. Dana practice is a path to and expression of the realization of inter-connectedness.

This essential gift from the heart  is essential to practice of compassion, empathy and kindnesss.

What will Great Tree look like in 10 years? in 20 years?

We can imagine many things , of course, and only Time can tell what that form Great Tree will assume, but one  fact remains — for Great Tree  to grow deeply and flourish requires  sustained support from many, the work of  hands and hearts and minds — together. Many hands lighten the load.

Because we are able to  imagine and make that shared vision a reality, Great Tree exists purely as an exercise of imagination, right effort and dana — the generosity of  heart-felt gifts. Great Tree is the manifestation of Teijo’s vision and dream and also a real place in time with real, practical every day obligations that need to be met to support and sustain that vision.

Ways You Can Help – Help  Grow our Community through Service

  • Visit Great Tree, find out more, learn about programs, retreats and practice
  • Participate in retreats, practice and join in sangha & community activities
  • Join in sustaining Great Tree during our Annual Year End Campaign
  • Make a monthly or annual pledge during our Summer Pledge Mailing. Sustaining Great Tree
  • Volunteer time for work-projects and learn more about work as practice and service
  • Help with fundraising. Provide gifts for craft and bake sales, help with special events.
  • Join the Board of Directors and help with planning and development.

If you would like find out more, please click here to be added to our mailing lists.

Annual Fund

Donations or dana made without restriction or conditions are allocated to our General Fund. These support and sustain  the entire range of programs, expenses and overhead for Great Tree’s operation.

Conditional Donations

You may choose to indicate your intent and restrict funds to specific use.

  • Residents’ Dana – Dana for Rev. Munnich, Chimyo Atkinson – we will pass it along to them.
  • Mortgage Support – Make a monthly Pledge to help pay our building loan
  • Practice Support – help us freely share  the practice through scholarships
  • Special projects – gardens, walking trails, training programs, outreach, education
  • Program support – help underwrite some expenses – gift of supplies, everyday supplies, travel costs
  • Building & Grounds – in 2011 we took on developing an over view of the property in order to assess current and future needs. Here is a copy of the Site Plan developed at that time. We are currently researching improving the road and extending it so that we have better sight lines, improved parking and solving safety issues. Our building, hand constructed in 1984 needs some long delayed maintenance and repairs.

Help Sustain Great Tree  and set up a pledge plan or make a single gift. Click on the donate button in the side bar, or send checks to Great Tree Zen Temple, 679 Lower Flat Creek, Alexander, NC 28701.

 Road Appeal – Building, Grounds, Facility. 

In summer of 2015, we began long neglected uplift of our buildings, grounds, gravel road and driveway. Work has begun on the first phase.  We received a gift of $5,000 which we need to match to complete the project.

 If you would like to help, please let us know. The road to Great Tree is critical to ensure safety and well-being for all who visit.

Monthly pledges go a long way in helping us meet our facility overhead: phone, communications, building loan, supplies, maintenance and repairs.  Some of our gutters need replacement, stone steps have loose stones, and windows caulked, screens replaced. Your pledge can help us plan ahead so we can reduce the monthly costs and apply funds to special projects. Some electrical work is necessary to improve lighting indoors an outside.

Practice Support- A Scholarship Fund

Donations allocated  to support practice programs for practitioners, full-time students, and residents who are financially challenged. We turn no one away for financial reasons. The teaching of the Dharma is freely offered. Last year over 200 people participated in practice events at Great Tree.  For many this is vital commitment to deepen and continue practice.

When a sincere student steps forward and wishes to deepen practice through further study, we try in every way to help them on their path, and turn no one away for financial considerations.  Donations to support others are sincere practice of dana, generosity. If you wish to contribute to our Practice Support Fund, we will restrict those funds to serve for those seeking practice support to continue on their dharma path.

Great Tree Temple alone cannot  provide assistance for individuals and may reach out to our Sangha to join hands by sharing some of their burden on their path. We offer our deep appreciation.

Teacher’s Support

Teachers at Great Tree teach at Great Tree in order to share the Dharma.  Please consider dana for the teacher to help support their continued practice.  If you choose to send dana for Teijo or a guest teacher, here please be sure to make that clear when you send in your donation. Great Tree office helpers will be sure they receive it.

You may checks in their name to: Great Tree Zen Temple, 679 Lower Flat Creek, Alexander, NC  28701.


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