Mindfulness & Ikebana with Norma Bradley

Mindfulness & Ikebana 2018

the art of flower arranging with Master Ichiyo Instructor Norma Bradley

 Spring:  April 22

Fall:  September 9 – Cancelled

Fee: $45.00 plus donation to the instructor.  Registration begins in July.   Register at  Book Online

Bathed in the beauty of the season, Norma will share her love and knowledge Ikebana; mindful flower arranging from the Ichiyo School. Students will learn the history and principals of this thoughtful art form, observe demonstrations and have an opportunity to select materials and create Ikebana arrangements. “You are invited to create simple drawings of your arrangement, write about and share your experiences.” Our day together will begin with a meditation to help bring us into the moment. All materials will be available to you.  Bring your favorite sheers.

 The power of being in the present moment not only creates more joy and decreases suffering, it also ignites the flame of creativity and opens our hearts and minds to possibilities we never knew existed. 

Norma Bradley, is an artist, educator, Buddhist practitioner and Master Ikebana Instructor of the Ichiyo School of Ikebana.  She was ordained by Zen Master, Thich Nhat Hahn in 2009. She teaches Ikebana as a mindfulness practice in her delightful Asheville garden studio. www.normabradley.com



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