Intro to Zen

avalokiteshvara-bamboo-fenceIntro to Zen: a 1-Day Workshop

February 25, 9 am – 4pm

For those who are new to Zen practice an introduction to the basic elements of the Soto Zen tradition as practiced at Great Tree:  zazen (meditation), study and work practice.  An opportunity to learn, ask questions and to get to know the temple.   Sitting cushions are provided (you may also sit on a chair).  Wear loose comfortable clothing

Suggested donation :  $25.00


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Schedule:  9am – Noon (Please arrive by 8:45 am)

Please allow sufficient time to park and get settled.  Tea and coffee are available.4:00    End of Workshop

9am    Gathering and Introduction to Zendo Etiquette

9:30    Meditation Instruction

10        Zazen (sitting meditation)

10:20   Kinhin (walking meditation)

10:30   Zazen

11:50    Kinhin

11:00    Zazen

11:20    Break

11:40     Questions/Discussion

12          Lunch

1:30       Work Period

2:30       Work Period Ends

2:40      Informal Tea

3            Zazen

3:20      Kinhin

3:30      Zazen

3:50      Closing

4            End of Workshop


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