About Fees and Policies

Fees are used to cover everyday expenses such as utilities, building and facility supplies at Great Tree. Less than 20% of our costs are covered by fees.  Teachers and residents do not receive compensation for their service from Great Tree with the exception of travel expenses when necessary.

Fees make up a small but critical function of our operating budget.  Our budget is modest and fees play an important part. The remainder is sourced from gifts and generosity of individuals in our community.  We do not receive any government, state, corporate or other grant funding.  

 Below is a current schedule of fees for most sesshins and retreats sponsored by Great Tree.  Prices may vary for special retreats.  Fees include accommodations and meals only.  Fees for special workshops and classes are included in the announcements about those events and may also vary.

Great Tree Sesshins Retreats (Nightly)Total Fee$35.00 Non-Refundable Registration Fee Applies?
1 Night$60.00$10.00 non-refundable fee may apply.
2 Nights$175.00Yes
3 Nights$225.00Yes
4 Nights$275.00Yes
5 Nights$300.00Yes
6 Nights$350.00Yes
7 Nights$375.00Yes

 For more information regarding Great Tree’s registration process go to  REGISTRATION FOR EVENTS.

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