Teijo’s Vow

Teijo’s Vow – Great Tree Zen Women’s Temple Articles of Incorporation – Founding Date 2004 Great Tree Zen Temple, location purchase Fall 2005 Celebration and Anniversary: 1st Weekend, September

Zendo Anniversary (2012) Vow and Declaration 
Rev. Teijo Munnich
September 2, 2012

“I make prostration and respectfully speak to all Awakened Beings bodhisattvas, sages, heavenly beings, human beings, eight kinds of dragons, good women and men in the ten directions. I would like to build a practice place for future generations. “… in the Sutra of Bodhisattva Precepts (Bonmokyo, The Sutra of Indra’s Net), we read, ‘You should always teach all living beings, build hermitages and construct stupas in the fields, mountains or forests. Build those things in every place of spiritual practice …’ These are the dwelling places of all Awakened Beings. If we build temples constantly remembering our intention of aspiring to Truth, great virtue will be transmitted to this country and it will be beneficial to all. Let us not forget this spirit.”

Since I, Teijo, returned to this country from Hosshinji in Obama Japan, I have been holding my deep aspiration to establish a practice temple. Although I kept this intention in my heart for many years, I did not have a way to support the practice.

Finally now, we have attained a good place. We have a location for gathering to practice together – Daijuji/Great Tree Temple – in Alexander North Carolina. We wish to establish this temple of Great Tree where practitioners can participate in the practice and deepen their understanding. I would like to encourage women, men and children in the ten directions to join the practice in order to form a good affinity with the Truth of Life.

In the Meditation Hall Manjusri – bodhisattva of wisdom – is enshrined. In the Living Room Kwan Yin sits with compassionate eyes.

Though it might be possible to build Great Tree Temple with a donation from one patron, I would like to encourage many people in the ten directions to make a donation in order to allow many people to form a good relationship with Buddha Dharma. This is the excellent tradition from India and China.

Dōgen Zenji said, “Do not worry about the small number in this Sangha. [To Ejo] Do not mind that you are a beginner.  At Fenyang there were only six or seven people; at Yaoshan there were less than ten. Nevertheless, all of them practiced the Way of the buddhas and ancestors. They called this ‘the flourishing of the monastery.’————This Way is inherent in each of us; still our gaining the Way depends upon the help of co-practitioners. Though each person is brilliant, still, our practicing the Way needs the power of other people [in the Sangha]. Therefore, unifying your mind and concentrating your aspiration, practice and seek the way together. A jewel becomes a vessel by polishing it; a human being becomes benevolent and wise by refining them. What jewel glitters from its inception? Who is brilliant from the outset? You must polish and refine. So, do not demean yourselves, and do not relax in your practice of the Way.” I write this appeal with deep sincerity.

Rev. Abbess Teijo Munich
Great Tree Zen Women’s Temple
Alexander, North Carolina

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