How to Find Us

679 Lower Flat Creek  Road, Asheville, North Carolina, 28701

 Great Tree Zen Temple is located 20 minutes north of downtown Asheville, North Carolina surrounded by the southern Appalachian Mountains. We are less than ten minutes from Weaverville, off Hwy 25/70 north the road to Marshall/Hot Springs.

Note: The Asheville Airport is about 30 minutes outside of the city, near Arden, making the drive from the airport at least an hour depending on traffic, 2 hours round trip. You will be coming in from the airport via I-26 directions below, heading to Weaverville. 

From the East Via  I-40  

  • From I-40 get on the I-240 loop through Asheville, heading west.
  •  Take HWY  19/23 exit to the right. going west to Weaverville.
  • Take the  HWY  25/70 West exit (19-A) for Marshall/Hot Springs. (19B takes you into Weaverville, go past it and take 19A).
  • Go west toward Marshall. Continue about 3.5 miles.
  • Look for Shephard’s Branch Road sign on the left. Lower Flat Creek is the next left.  
  • The street sign for Lower Flat Creek is on the RIGHT, but your turn is on the LEFT. Get in the Left hand lane.
  • Turn left onto Lower Flat Creek Road. Go about half a mile. You will pass a flower farm nursery on the left, followed by a stone bridge.
  • Look for our hand- painted sign on the left, the second stone bridge. There is a row of mailboxes on the right.
  • Turn LEFT  over the 2nd stone bridge. Drive  up to the Y, turn right to go up to Great Tree, or park in the lot at right of divide and walk up.

From the South Via 1-26

  • From I-26 outside of Asheville merge onto I-240 East toward Asheville.
  • Take the left hand exit (Exit 4-A) for 19/23 toward UNC Asheville/Weaverville.
  • Exit at Marshall/ Hot Springs (Exit 19-A) onto Hwy. 25/70.  Continue for about 3.5 miles. The sign for Lower Flat Creek, is on the RIGHT, but you will be turning left.
  • Follow directions above once on 25/70

From the West Via I-40, heading east toward Asheville/Black Mountain.

  • Take I-40 east to Exit #432B . Drive approximately 51 miles, going through Newport and Hot Springs on US-70 toward Weaverville.
  • As you approach Weaverville, look for the sign for Jupiter. That serves as a landmark you are approaching Lower Flat Creek.  The road widens to 4 lanes.
  • Turn right on Lower Flat Creek Road. There is no sign for LFC on the right.  You have gone to far if you see Lower Shepherd’s Branch Rd sign. 
  • Go about half a mile on Lower Flat Creek
  • You will pass a day-lily nursery on your left, followed by a stone bridge
  • Turn left at the second stone bridge. Look for our hand-painted sign on the left. A row of mailboxes on the right as he road descends. 


The driveway is gravel and one car width wide. Drive with care.  The first level parking is on your right at the fork in the road. You will have to walk up the right fork. If you park here,  back in and park with your car wheels facing out. Put on your parking  break. Leave room for others.

There is limited parking at the top near the building, at the final fork, take the right hand drive up the hill.  Visiability is limited, so be careful. Park here to unload or if you are handicapped. You may be asked to move your care for longer visits. CALL FOR HELP IF YOU NEED IT. 828-645-2085

(The left hand fork leads to the home of one of sangha  members, and we may park there on special occasions  or for short visits. There is a gravel path along the ridge line.)

Please be mindful that the driveway is one-lane and do not park where you will block others.

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