Board of Directors

The Practice of Mindful Leadership

The Great Tree Board of Directors is ratified by the membership in September of each year.  Currently the executive committee meets monthly and the full board meets quarterly.
 Sangha members are welcome  and encouraged to attend board and committee meetings.   See our calendar for our board meeting schedule.


Our Board of Directors 

Jayne Baika Harnett-Hargrove, Chair
Art Shindo Mandler, Treasurer
David Jorjura, Member at Large


Rev. Teijo Munnich, Abbess

Ruthanne S. Kah, Office Manager

Rev. Chimyo Atkinson, Head of Practice, Guest Manager

Anyone interested in supporting  Great Tree is welcome to attend board meetings without becoming a member.  However, if you are interested in serving on a committee or on the board please contact us.

We welcome consulting  sangha members who wish to share expertise, creativity and problem solving.  There is no financial requirement.  Do you have skills you wish to share or explore? The full board meets four times per year, with planning and committee meetings monthly, save August and December.

Please call to confirm the time and location of our next meeting.

Our Ethics Statement

We are a registered 501c3 religious organization. Donations and gifts are deductible as allowed by law. Member: WNC Community Foundation

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