Yoga Workshops at Great Tree 2017

Yoga Workshops in 2017:

Great Tree is pleased to offer four yoga workshops featuring our talented volunteer instructors.  Workshops are 2 hours long.  Bring your own yoga mat if you have one as supplies are limited.

The fee for each workshop is $20.00 plus a donation for the instructor.  Register on line atBook Online

Restorative Yoga with Paige Kanko Gilchrist, February 19, 2pm-4pm

paigeTreat yourself to a winter afternoon sinking into the peaceful quiet of Great Tree and the profound relaxation of restorative yoga. We’ll combine soothing movement sequences with deeply restful restorative poses supported by cushions, blankets, and other props, all aimed at helping you relieve stress, recover from illness or injury, balance energy, quiet your mind, and feel more at peace in your body. This special afternoon is welcoming to all levels of participants, regardless of strength, flexibility, age, or yoga experience.


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sacconeIntro to Yoga As Therapy with Diane Saccone, March 19, 2pm-4pm

In this two hour session, you will learn yoga therapeutic applications to help manage chronic disease, daily stress and understand the concept of yoga as a daily practice to maintain balance in your life. Diane Saccone has been practicing yoga nearly her entire life and

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Yoga As a Lifestyle with Diane Saccone, December 17, 2pm-4pm

For most, yoga is seen as a physical form of exercise. In this workshop we will learn about the Koshas, the 5 layers of the body system to understand how each layer works to harmonize the body, mind and emotions by removing blockages on all levels of our system and for the body to function at optimum level.

Introduction to Integral Yoga with Foster Shugan de la Houssaye, to be rescheduled

fosterdelahoussayeIntegral Yoga® helped pioneer the introduction of Yoga to the western world 50 years ago. Yoga master Swami Satchidananda came to New York and shared his teachings, which promote an easeful body, a peaceful mind, and a useful life. He taught that selfless service and interfaith understanding were essential for a peaceful world. This workshop will provide the participants an experience of Integral Yoga. The workshop will begin with a beginning level Hatha (asana) class. This class includes the basic Integral Yoga poses (sun salutation, back bends, forward bends, inversions), chanting, deep relaxation, pranayama (breathing practices) and meditation. The class can be modified for those with restricted mobility. We will also have a presentation and discussion of Raja Yoga, as exemplified in the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. There will also be a presentation and discussion on the Bhagavad Gita, the ancient scripture that all yoga traditions use.  This event will be rescheduled for later in the year.  Please call for further information.

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