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Sesshins  2015

Traditional sesshins are held at Great Tree usually during the first week of each month.  Both men and women are invited to participate.  To register go to   Book Online

  • February 6-8 (Nehan)
  • March 6-8
  • April 3-5
  • May 1-6
  • June  5-10
  • July 3-5
  • October 9-11  (Beginner’s Mind w/ Alexander Technique)
  • November 6-11
  • December 4-9 (Rohatsu)
  • December 28-31 (New Year’s Sesshin)

Sesshins run from 2 nights to 5 nights.  We begin with orientation on the first evening followed by a light dinner.  All participants are expected to participate in the semi-monastic schedule which includes several periods of sitting and walking meditation, daily work periods,  kitchen duty and oryoki style meals.  With the teacher’s permission you may attend a partial sesshin, however, those unfamiliar with Great Tree’s practice are required to attend the first night for orientation.  For more information, read ABOUT SESSHINS

If you are new to Great Tree we encourage you to contact us or visit us during our weekly or monthly events such as  Sunday, Thursday or Saturday Sangha Days,  a sense of practice at Great Tree and to meet Rev. Munnich.

Sesshins Fees  Deposit
2 NIGHTS (WEEKEND) 175 100
3 NIGHTS 225 100
4 NIGHTS 275 125
5 NIGHTS 300 150

For more registration information go to our Registration Page.