Special Events






Ceremonies, Celebrations, and Special Events  at Great Tree 2014

  • September 28 – Poesis: Poetry and Music at Urban Dharma
  • October 8 – Practice Period Begins
  • October – Segaki – Honoring Ancestors – Family Meditation
  • December 5 – 10 Rohatsu Sesshin
  • December 13 – Craft Sale and Buddha’s Enlightenment Ceremony 
  • December 14 – Practice Period Ends
  • December 31 – New Year’s Activities: Ringing in the New Year  7pm-midnight

For  most ceremonies and celebrations we ask that you RSVP here on the BOOKWHEN Button in the right sidebar.

You may email us or leave a message by phone so we can plan expect. During the winter, please check for road conditions.

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