Winter Sewing Retreat 2014


Receiving the Precepts

 January 2014


Great Robe of Liberation
Virtuous field far beyond form and emptiness
Wearing the Tathagatha’s teachings
We vow to save all beings


Jukai ( Ju -to receive + kai – precepts)

Jukai does not begin with ceremony or celebration. The process begins deep within each individual who chooses to honor the path of the ancients and through practice of Shikantaza or ‘just sitting’ zazen, strives to embody the path of the Bodhisattva.

At Great Tree,  Jukai  in the winter months, when sufficient students have declared their intention to receive the precepts.

The event begins with a sewing retreat, and participants work with the sewing teacher to create a Rakusu or Okesa. Before each session students recite the Okesa Sutra.

“While common clothing encourages the growth of delusion, The Buddha’s garment of the Dharma, Okesa, is by no means like that, Mrs. Tomoe Katagiri, explains. Mrs. Katagiri, has until recently taught the sewing retreats for many lay practitioners, including members of our sangha.

The Rakesu is a small version of the Okesa–Buddha’s robe. Traditionally, new clothing is a way in many cultures of expressing or renewing commitment. For monastics it is also an expression of commitment, each stitch binding the whole garment and at the same time liberating.

Students are asked to attend the April Sesshin. At the close of the sesshin,  in a simple ceremony,  students are asked to assume Dharma names chosen by Rev. Teijo Munnich.

If you are interested in preparing for Jukai, please contact Rev. Teijo Munnich to learn more about receiving the precepts.

January  10 – 14, 2014

  • Starts: January 10, 2014. Arrive by 4pm
  • Orientation is at 5pm, followed by a light meal.
  • Ends on January 14 at 4pm.
  • Fee of $300 includes materials and printed matter
  • Upon receipt of your registration, we will provide a list of supplies you need to bring (scissors, thread, needles, etc).


About the sewing retreat:

Please arrive  in time to get settled. We strongly suggest car pooling and to call in advance if you need directions or in the event of bad weather to check road conditions at Great Tree. 828-645-2085.

Except for Full Morning Service each morning and the evening chant each night (no meditation with it), the sewing periods in the retreat are the actual practice.

Excellent sewing instruction will be provided for us all and beginners will receive support and are welcome.

Very soon, we will send you a list of the sewing supplies you will need to get ahead of the retreat creating your own sewing kit. If you have magnifying glasses or lamp, you may wish to bring them.